Company Profile

For over 35 years Sami Zatout has specialized in the construction and execution of factories for leading Israeli industry and service companies. The company’s professional abilities and great experience in executing projects has positioned it in the frontline of its field.

The experience and the knowledge acquired by Sami Zatout enable it to supply the high and various engineering requirements of its clients, while keeping a high level of quality and a strict schedule, all to the great satisfaction of its clients, from the planning, through the execution, and up to the finishing stages of the project and the operation of the facilities.

Sami Zatout has made “sustainable industry” its trademark,  guaranteeing to preserve and protect the environment and the life and health of its employees. The company works endlessly to ensure these values.

The company specializes in construction and maintenance of metal factories

  •   Works on erection of buildings and constructions of various purpose.
  •   Pipe works (S.S C.S Cr).
  •   Manufacture and construction of containers such as pressure tanks and storage tanks.
  •   Production and assembly of equipment.
  •   Infrastructure works (carried out in a subsidiary called Betelit 1986 Building and Engineering Ltd.).

Sami Zatout’s professional human capital is the company’s main asset and is known for its around-the-clock availability throughout the project period, with a high level of experience and skill. The company’s employees include technical engineers, project mangers and professional workers. At times, the company also makes use of a team of sub-contractors that allow it to quickly increase the work force, in accordance with the customers’ needs.

Declaration of Service

Sami Zatout  Ltd. obligates to give its clients a high quality service that is based on expertise and professionalism, availability and accessibility in a way that best meets the our customers’ needs. Customer satisfaction is our highest value. Therefore, we will go to any lengths in order to attend to our clients and to give them the best solution in any project. We are obligated to an uncompromising quality and are always striving to improve. The company is obliged to a strict keeping of the safety of the environment and its loyal to strict quality standards.